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Traxion X-1 (Machined)


Traxion Off-Road has put a lot of time and effort to take a good design and make it better. The X-1 series wheels are such an endeavor. Made with premium grade cast aluminium this eight spoke wheel not only has the looks part down but is extremely sturdy. The satin black finish is powder coated to perfection for maximum abrasion resistance to keep them looking good for years.

  • Available Sizes: 12X7, 14X7.
  • Bolt patterns to fit all popular ATVs/UTVs.
  • Our wheels are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

SKU Size Bolt Pattern Offset
12AM710 12x7 4/110 5+2
12AM715 12x7 4/115 5+2
12AM737 12x7 4/137 5+2
12AM756 12x7 4/156 4+3
14AM710 14x7 4/110 5+2
14AM715 14x7 4/115 5+2
14AM737 14x7 4/137 5+2
14AM756 14x7 4/156 4+3