Referral Program

Give your wallet more Traxion with the Traxion Off-Road dealer referral program!

Earn up to $150 cash back

when purchasing new Traxion tires and wheels from your local dealer or shop that becomes an authorized Traxion Off-Road dealer!

How does it work?

You most probably purchase product or services from a local shop or dealer and we want to encourage you to do so by purchasing our products from them. As there are thousands of shops and dealers in Canada, it is a very long process to reach all of them and we are reaching out to you to help us do so and get the word out on our Canadian designed products.

All you have to do is give us the name of the dealer and the owner or parts manager’s name and contact info. We will contact them and get them on board with us. Then, purchase the tires and / or wheels from them, send us the sales receipt and we will send you a prepaid Visa card as thanks. That’s it!

Cash back chart:

Nitro tires$50.00
Gripper Classic tires$50.00
Gripper Max radial tires$100.00
Alpha tires$100.00
X-1 wheels$50.00

  • Offer only valid on sets of four tires and / or wheels.
  • Offer can be withdrawn at any time without notice.
  • Allow 8 to 10 weeks after reception of proof of purchase to receive your prepaid card.